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A Wish for Workrooms

Wow - 2017 was an amazing year! It’s rewarding as a small business owner to look back at the past year and recognize accomplishments. Like you, we set goals and make plans for our businesses, and we dream, too. But, we don't always know exactly where those dreams will take us! If you had told me a year ago that we would be opening a workroom training center, I would have laughed and said "no way"! That was not on our list of plans for 2017, but we kept hearing the same message over and over again - a school for workrooms was missing, and hands-on training was needed to support new and established small businesses.

Susan Woodcock and Rodger Walker

Goal setting is an important part of any business, but so is listening. If we had strictly followed our goals for 2017, we would not have opened Workroom Tech this summer. I see now that simply listening, led to a new and exciting opportunity. My wish for workrooms in 2018 is simple. Listen. Listen to your customers – their experiences with your company will help develop your sales and marketing strategy. Listen to your peers – you will learn a lot from the setbacks and accomplishments of other workrooms. Listen to those who inspire you – whether it’s an educator, author, celebrity, pastor, mentor, family member or friend, listening to positive advice from people you admire will keep you grounded and motivated. Listen to your heart – follow your passion. If an idea or opportunity makes your heart sing, it’s time to take it seriously! Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2018! Susan

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