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30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode One / Common Terms and Acronyms

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In the debut episode of 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, host Ceil Diguglielmo and workroom educator Susan Woodcock discuss common acronyms and terms used by professional workrooms, interior designers and installers. If you are new to the workroom industry, this will help you to understand the language and lingo used in future podcasts. Be sure to listen to the podcast to learn more details about the acronyms and terms listed below.

Acronyms shared during the podcast included:

COM - Customers own material

CFA - Cutting for approval

FR - Fire retardant

VR - Vertical repeat

HR - Horizontal repeat

WOM - Width of material

WES - Widths each side

IB and OB - Inside bracket and outside bracket

FL - Finished length

FW - Finished width

BO - Blackout

SP - Short point

LP - Long point

Terms discussed during the podcast:

Sidemark - identification given to a vendor of your project. It could be an order number or clients name.

Return - where the drapery or valance turns at a right angle at the end of the rod or board and finishes at the wall, hiding the hardware and preventing light bleed on the ends.

Tabling - working with material on the worktable; cutting, measuring and folding over hems and headings

Tabling allowance - adding extra to the cut length to ensure there is enough fabric. Also known as a cutting allowance.

Take up - the amount of fabric lost when there is a turn of the cloth

Tolerance - a workroom tolerance for finished length to accommodate for shrinking or stretching of the material after installation

Railroaded fabrics - fabric that is oriented so that it is used running horizontally instead of vertically off the bolt.

Selvage - the woven edge of materials

Panel - one overall drapery section which can be a single or multiple widths of material

If you have ideas for topics for future podcast topics please let me know by email.

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