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30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode Seven / Cord Safety Testing Results

In episode 5 of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, which aired on December 12, 2018, Ceil DiGuglialmo and Susan Woodcock talked about the revisions to the cord safety standards. During the podcast, Susan shared that she had sent shades to an independent testing facility and would follow up with the results.  Susan shares what she learned in this episode of the podcast.

Use this link to listen to the podcast: Thirty Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 7 

If you missed episode five, be sure to review that before listening to episode seven, using this link: Update to Cord Safety Standards Information from Episode 5

Safety compliant Roman shade with bead chain loop

Why Submit Roman Shades for Independent Testing

The goal of certified testing was to confirm that the shade methods taught at Workroom Tech, and that Susan uses in her workroom, are compliant. The Cord Safety Standards are confusing.  The only way to know for certain was to submit shades for testing.

The Results

Two styles of shades were tested;  a shade made with the RBS clutch headrail system with bead chain loop, and lift cords with ladder tape; and a shade made with screw eyes, cord condenser, cord cleat and lift cords with ladder tape.

The testing facility issued a pass or fail rating for each evaluation.  It’s not just “the shade passed or failed”.  Each shade had up to 13 unique tests performed.  Both shades passed testing for cords, shrouds, tension device, operating systems, packaging and labeling.  Only one test failed, and that was for one incorrect warning tag. This information shows the importance of knowing which tags are current, and which warning tags are outdated but still might be available for sale for industry suppliers.

When ordering warning tags, look for the current testing standard which is labeled as ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, followed by the specific section of the standard for that evaluation.  For example, the labels below are for "all accessible operating cords" (section 5.2.1), and "tension device" warning tag (5.2.2)

Current warning tags will include ANSI/WCMA A100.1-18

Results for Roman Shade with Bead Chain Loop

The other tests that were performed and received a pass rating were for the basic function of the shade; cord loop operation and tension device; and installation instructions. 

The other warning tag and labels passed the testing standard: operational cords warning tag, and the manufacturer label.

  • See an example of how you can make your own manufacturer label on the Workroom Tech blog post from episode 5 of the podcast here.

Based on the testing results, you will need to include the following labels on shades made with a bead chain or cord loop, and lift cords with shroud (the sample tested used ladder tape)

ANSI/WCMA A100-1-18 Sec. 5.2.1 All Accessible Operating Cords Warning Tag: attach to bottom of inner cord at shade hem

ANSI/WCMA A100-1-18 Sec. 5.2.2 Tension Device Warning Tag: attach to bead chain loop or cord, or tension device