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döfix Training Center at Workroom Tech

We are proud to announce a partnership with döfix No Sew, Inc. to provide the only dedicated space in the United States for learning about döfix tools, fusible products and window treatment systems.

The döfix training center at Workroom Tech will have scheduled classes with professional instruction, and also be open during classes for all Workroom Tech students to tour.

The new dofix training classroom at Workroom Tech
Robert Dohlemann and Susan Woodcock at Workroom Tech in Tryon, NC

Mr. Robert Döhlemann from döfix No Sew, Inc. visited Workroom Tech on Friday, May 24, 2019 with boxes of döfix tools, window treatment systems and fusible products. He showed us how to properly install the boiler iron and track, and set up the classroom for students. A film crew from The Workroom Channel was onsite to record installation of the boiler iron system.

Look for classes starting summer 2019 with registration at

The dofix logo on the door to the classroom

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