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30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 24 / Buckram Fold Roman Shades

Updated: May 13

On this episode of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock discuss how to fabricate buckram fold roman shades.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast here:

What is a Buckram Fold Roman Shade

Imagine a roman shade with ribs. Ribs are used to provide structure and support across the width of the shade. With the buckram fold method, strips of fusible buckram are incorporated into the shade, helping to add body and structure to the folds, instead of ribs.

Susan came up with this idea because she wanted a better way to make a blackout lined shade, without pinholes of light and without the addition of interlining. In the podcast, you will hear how Susan developed the idea, and why this method have become so popular. Eliminating Pinholes of Light

In 2014, Susan shared a technique for eliminating pinholes of light in blackout shades. That method is still a good solution but it works better with interlining. You can learn how to do this method in the webinar program below. The buckram-fold method is yet another way to create shades without pinholes of light.

In 2018, Susan developed another method for blackout shades that eliminated those "pesky pinholes of light" and with the addition of buckram, the shade folds perfectly every time. The buckram fold method is easy to learn, cost effective and time efficient. (See below for instructions you can download that include supply lists).

Fabricating a Buckram Fold Roman Shade

Fusible buckram is added to the folds of the shade. Susan recommends the woven fusible buckram from dofix. The strips of buckram are stitched to the back of the face fabric with the fusible side up. Small pieces of blackout tape are placed under each tack point. The blackout lining is ironed to the back, fusing the blackout tape to the buckram, and the buckram to the lining. In the time lapse video below, you can get an idea of how this shade is made.

You can download instructions here: Buckram Fold Blackout Roman Shade

This method works great with the addition of interlining. Adding interlining creates a softer appearance, and adds body. The method is similar, but interlining is placed between the face fabric and buckram.

interlining is added to this buckram fold shade

You can download step-by-step instructions for making buckram fold, blackout lined and interlined shades here: Buckram Fold Interlined Blackout Roman Shade and view the recorded webinar below to follow along with the instructions.

You can also create lined and interlined shades without having to add blackout. By using transparent buckram, you can add body to the folds and the buckram is not visible when light shines through. A light test with your fabric combination is recommended. The process is easy. Just add the strips of transparent buckram between the lining and interlining and tack with the face fabric when you sew on the shade rings.

Lined and interlined buckram fold shade with transparent buckram

Other Shade Ideas with Buckram

Susan shared that the buckram fold shade is her go-to method now, and is being taught in the shade classes at Workroom Tech. She will continue experimenting with the idea. Who knows what's next!

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