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30 Minutes with Workroom Tech / Episode 41: Calculating Yardage

On Episode 41 of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30 Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock answer questions about calculating yardage submitted by the Workroom and Accountability Mentoring Group. Listen and learn as Ceil and Susan answer questions about part of any workroom business.

You can listen here: Episode 41 - Calculating Yardage

How to calculate yardage with a large repeats for draperies?

Figure your cut length first.

The cut length is the finished length plus allowances for hems and headings depending on the style you are making. Susan shared that her usual allowance for draperies is 18 inches.

Finished length + 18 inches = ____ divided by the pattern repeat = ____ round up!


Pattern repeat is 25 inches

Finished length of 90 inches + 18 = 108 divided by 25 inch pattern repeat = 4.35 round up to 5 pattern repeats.

5 repeats x 25 inch pattern repeat = 125 inches which is the ADJUSTED CUT LENGTH

Multiply the ADJUSTED CUT LENGTH by the number of cuts needed.

If the job is for one window with three cuts (1.5 widths each side) then you will multiply 125 x 3 = 375 inches of fabric, divided by 36 inches which will be 10.4 yards. Round up!!!!

It's good practice to add one extra yard or one repeat, which ever is greater. For this example a yard (36") is greater so you will add one extra yard and order 11.5 yards.

What is a drop repeat and how do you figure yardage with a drop repeat?

Most pattern repeats match across the fabric from one edge of the selvage to the other.

Some fabrics don’t match straight across but “drop” down to match on the other side.