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30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 33 / Pricing and Your Hourly Rate

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

On this episode of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil

DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock introduce the first study topic for the Workroom Accountability and Mentoring group. You do not need to be part of the WAM group to

participate! Follow along on your own with the information included on the podcast and blog.

Listen to Episode 33 of the podcast here: Pricing and Your Hourly Rate

Pricing Basics

Owning a business has a purpose. The purpose is to profit! As a new workroom business you may not be profitable (yet), but you are rich in time. Put that time to good use by working on business practices that will help you to be a success.

Pricing is a challenge for any business owner. Pricing custom services (like window treatments and upholstery) can be especially difficult because of the unique nature of hand-crafted products and services. Don't be tempted to just charge what others charge - price is influenced by where you live, your experience, clientele and much more.