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30 Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 66 / What's Your Work Ethic?

On this episode of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock to talk about work ethic… what it is, how it can help you in your business, and the difference between a work ethic and over working.

You can listen to the podcast here:

How would you describe someone with a good work ethic?




Cares about quality


Self-Motivated or approval-motivated

People with a healthy work ethic have core values that gives them confidence and ambition. Many people inherited their work ethic from parents or siblings. Hard work and a satisfying work experience is essential to success.


Overworking and the hours you devote to work might not be as productive as you might think. It can be a symptom of another problem in your business like not being able to say no, over scheduling, trying to avoid confrontation, guilt, and procrastination.

There is a lot of pressure to work harder and harder, to achieve more, earn more and meet unrealistic expectations. Society and social media are always pushing the message in obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

A good work ethic helps you to know what you value and to have the confidence not to compare yourself to others.

Rest Ethic

There is a connection between having a healthy work ethic and being able to apply the same principles to time off work.

The quotes below are from the book, Rest Ethic: Be More, Have More, Do Less by Dr. Sean Orr, 2016. Are you feeling extraordinary?

"While work is about the doing in life, rest is about the being. We are so much more than what we do, and I believe we are designed uniquely to be someone extraordinary. Res, coupled with work in the right areas, allows you to be extraordinary."

“Practice doing less so we can be more”.

Questions from this episode:

Do you think of yourself as someone with a strong work ethic? What can you improve about your work ethic? Does someone who works a lot of hours have a strong work ethic?

What steps can you take to improve your work ethic?

Do you have resting time outside of work where you are "in the moment"?

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