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30 Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 79 / A New Method is Born

On this episode of the Sew Much More Podcast: 30 Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock welcome special guest Jessie Lee Miller, owner of Winston's Workroom in Winston Salem, NC. Listen to learn how Jessie Lee created a new method for fabricating white, blackout drapery.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes or using the link below:

Jessie Lee shares why she pursued the idea of changing the way the header is fabricated when making draperies with a white or light color fabric with blackout lining, and how she made samples, tested and documented the steps.

This new drapery header method was inspired by the French Blackout method for lining draperies, where lining materials are layered with face fabric, interlining, black sateen lining and finally the outer sateen lining. Jessie Lee explains how she experimented with black sateen lining but that was very time consuming. After a lot of research, she found wigan, and stiff, black interfacing used in garment sewing. (Available from

Although this method does take extra time to prepare the linings, the time saved when pleating combined with a beautiful stitch line with no black dots pulled through the material is certainly worth it! This method isn't for every workroom or every project - it is for a luxury, high-end product. The care and attention Jessie Lee gives each project is what sets her apart - and our businesses are as unique as our workroom projects.

See how to instructions and video in the the July/August issue of

Drapery & Design Digital Digest

It is inspiring to hear from people like Jessie Lee who are excited and willing to share their discoveries and new methods with others.

"This industry is special in that we are open and kind to one another and we share our knowledge" Jessie Lee shares. "If I can give back it feels like I can finally repay the kindness that was shown to me".

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