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30 Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 80 - 5 Year Podcast Anniversary!

Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock

In this episode, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock look back at what they have learned over the past 5 years and talk about the future of the podcast and the workroom industry.

This podcast is dedicated to Susan's mother, Irene Crouch Woodcock Eagles who died on September 19, 2023 at the age of 98.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or here: 5 Year Anniversary Podcast

List of the blog and podcast titles that you can use to search for past episodes.

80 Celebrating 5 years!

79 A new method is born with guest Jessie Lee Miller

78 Asking for help

77 Learning about outdoor cushions with guest Callie Nelson

76 Pick-a-Project challenge follow yo

75 What does “scaling” mean to you?

74 Learning about thread with guest Angie Wewel

73 “The Lining King” Tim Allen

72 Who is on your team?

71 The 2023 Pick-A-Project Challenge!

70 The best of 2022

69 Getting back to work after CWC

68 Scissors Q & A - Part II with guest Caleb Snead

67 Scissors Q & A - Part I with guest Caleb Snead

66 What’s you work ethic?

65 What's new in the workroom?

64 Adding hard treatments to your workroom with guest Freddie Graves

63 Making friends with your strengths and weaknesses with guest Laurie Medford

62 Reverse time studies

61 How do you handle rejection?

60 Simple tips for efficiency in the workroom with guest Ann Johnson

59 Mentoring

58 The best of 2021

57 Learning about linings with guest Taylor Angel

56 Hand sewing

55 Roadblocks

54 Working long distance with guest Lisa Salvatore

53 Around the corner - drapery edition

52 The pitfalls of perception pricing

51 Tiebacks

50 Eyerolls and expectations

49 Time studies for non-fabrication tasks

48 Workroom supplies

47 Workroom accountability and mentoring group

46 The best of 2020

45 Around the corner - pillow edition

44 Sewing machine feet

43 Your brand on social media

42 Branding your workroom business

41 Calculating yardage

40 Pillows and cushions Q & A

39 Drapery Q & A

38 Shade systems with Deborah Cronin and Jennifer White

37 Measuring

36 Ripplefold drapery with guest Ann Johnson

35 WAM group and efficiency in the workroom

34 Installation with Robin Matthews

33 Pricing and your hourly rate

32 Introducing the Workroom Accountability and Mentoring group

31 Working with challenging fabrics

30 The best of 2019

29 Slipcovers for wood frame chairs

28 Fabric flanges

27 Workroom myths and misconceptions

26 Basic cornice board construction

25 Staple guns and air compressors with Rodger Walker

24 Buckram fold roman shades

23 Italian stringing

22 Custom bed skirts

21 Building relationships to build your workroom business

20 Board mounts window treatments

19 Pattern matching

18 Building a worktable with Rodger Walker

17 Shaped banding

16 Fabric banding

15 Relaxed roman shades

14 Pleating draperies

13 Fire safety in the workroom with Rodger Walker

12 Custom pillows

11 Roman shade lift systems Q & A

10 Essential tools & workroom layout

9 Box pleated valances

8 Applying trims

7 Cord Safety Testing Results

6 Smiling draperies

5 Cord safety update for custom workrooms

4 Linings and interlinings

3 Understanding fullness

2 Grommets

1 Common terms and acronyms

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