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30 Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 81 / The Workroom Neighborhood

On this episode of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30 Minutes with Workroom Tech, Ceil DiGuglielmo and Susan Woodcock talk about the workroom "neighborhood" and the future of the industry. This is a follow up from Susan's lunch address at the 2023 Custom Workroom Conference.

You can listen to this episide of the podcast here: Episode 81 - Neighbors

What does it means to be a neighbor...

- In your town

- In your state

- Across the country

- From another country

We all have so much in common.

Neighbors build a community.

The future of the workroom industry.

Susan's first-time teaching was in September 2003 for the SewWhat? Magazine Educational Conference in Greenville, SC. She is celebrating 20 years as a teacher in the workroom industry. She had no idea then that one day she would own a trade school and conference.

The people attending Custom Workroom Conference had experience ranging from over 30 years in business to those who were considering a workroom career.

Susan shared that those who attended CWC with 20 plus years of experience show others that education never ends and that they value the relationships built with other business owners. "You are role models and mentors", Susan said.

For those starting out - it's proven that the people you meet a CWC will change your life personally and professionally. Susan told the audience, "You are brave. You are bright and shiny and enthusiastic. Your perspective and insight is valued and the industry depends on your success".

Susan had been in business for 15 years when Margie Nance asked her to teach at that conference in Greenville, SC in 2003. "I had never even considered teaching", Susan said, "isn’t life funny"?

Here are the questions Susan and Ceil asked those who are in the middle of their workroom careers...

What risks are you going to take?

What are your dreams and how can we as a community help?

To those who attended CWC and those who are listening this podcast, Susan I shared that she wanted to "plant a seed in our neighborhood community garden".

She asked..."When I retire in a five or so years, which one of you will take my place"?

It is exciting to think about the future and to see who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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