Essential Workroom Skills & Efficiency

Instructor: Ann K. Johnson
9:00 am - 5:00 pm with 1-hour lunch on your own.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this class has been cancelled for the April dates, and will be rescheduled for summer 2020.  Check back for dates.

This fast-paced, skill-packed class is a four-day immersion in proven techniques and tools that increase your speed and enhance your quality. It takes years for a workroom to acquire the range of skills taught in four days. The student handbook is over 160 pages of valuable reference material to use in your workroom for years. Students with 35+ years in the business have been amazed at how much time their new skills have shaved their fabrication times.


The primary emphasis is to develop a mindset to continually analyze your processes, identify unproductive habits, then develop positive habits and processes that reduce fabrication times by hours. You are inspired every day and excited to apply all you learn to your workroom.Topics covered include: Fabrics (types and challenges), seams, hems, hand stitches, methods to apply trim, planning cuts, and cutting, blocking, handling bulk, tabling techniques and much more. You will learn about unusual tools and supplies used in the workrooms, or multiple uses for tools you already have; advanced techniques such as return options for all types of treatments, banding (set in and on the edge, mitered corners, compound mitered), additional control techniques such as Italian Stringing and Memory Stitch, ensuring a flawless installation, machine maintenance and much more.


We have a lot of fun in this class. Those that wish to have lunch together will benefit from a round table discussion on any topic students wish to explore. We often cover business and pricing questions.This class is every workroom owner. A novice jump starts their business with proven efficiency techniques, and veterans streamline their processes by shedding old inefficient habits. If time permits, students are encouraged to explore skills and techniques not specifically covered but that provide challenges to them.




I have been in business for about 12 yrs and have 4-5 employees. I have taken many classes over the years. This was the best. More aha moments than any other class. In addition, the class notebook was very organized and has become one of main go-to resources for many techniques.

Cathy Schulz, Silk Mountain Creations


This class is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Ann’s skills & techniques are great review, method confirmation and chock full of ah-ha moments. Ann is a wonderful teacher who keeps the class on task. You’ll feel 10x more confident and ready to tackle any job after taking this class. Go for it.

Julie Hiltunen Gold

Essential Workroom Skills & Efficiency with Ann K. Johnson

  • There is a $75 cancellation fee for any class that is cancelled more than 3 weeks before the start date.  

    If cancelled less than 3 weeks before the class start date, there is no refund but the student can reschedule and select another class, space permitting.



Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm



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Tryon, North Carolina


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