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WT Online Pro Series: Reverse Mounted Shade with Shaped Hem and Valance

Instructor: Laurie Medford

Classes will be held at 12:00 pm ET on April 11, 18 and 25, 2024


In this online class you will learn how to make reverse mounted, interlined roman shades with shaped bottom hem and matching valance.  This style of shade is mounted to the back of the lift system, allowing the shade to be closer to the wall or glass.  The shaped hem and valance add a beautiful detail!

Laurie will also share how to make a shade with a shaped bottom section only - a less labor intensive version.  The shades will be using the VAKO 20.04 headrail lift system with cordless lifting options (spring and crank).


This class includes: 

  • Three 1-hour online, interactive lessons with instructor Laurie Medford, presented live.
  • Recording links to view all class sessions
  • Written how-to instructions
  • Two shade styles with unique fabrication methods


Course outline:


Lesson One

  • Measuring and pre-planning
  • Overview of how a reverse mounted shade works
  • Selecting fabrics
  • Calculating yardage
  • Planning and design
  • Making a pattern
  • Cutting fabrics and linings for the first class