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Slipcover Seats for Wooden Chairs

Instructor: Susan Woodcock

Classes held at 12:00 pm ET, February 13, 20 and 27, 2024

Cost: $100.00


In this online class you will learn how to design and fabricate slipcovers for chair seats on wooden frame chairs.


Slipcovers are a great option to reupholstery and they can be removed and cleaned if washable fabrics are used.  In this class, you will learn how to make different styles of skirts and how to add ties and tabs, to keep the slipcover in place.


Session One

  • Measuring the chair seat
  • Drafting a pattern
  • Style and design for two class projects
  • Figuring yardage
  • Preparing fabric and cutting


Session Two

  • Sewing the slipcover seat piece
  • Cutting and wrapping foam
  • Making and attaching the skirt
  • Finishing details
  • Attaching to the chair


Session Three:

  • Design and fabrication of the second slipcover seat project
  • Pricing
  • Delivery


This is an intermediate level professional course.  A sewing machine and basic sewing tools and supplies are used to complete the project.


You will need:
A wooden chair with a flat seat (if upholstered, it should be somewhat flat without a cushion) paper for pattern making, fabric, lining, hook and loop tape.


Refund policy:

This is a home study program.  You will receive all of the above-listed materials and supplies so you can complete the class.  No refunds provided.


Slipcover Seats for Wooden Chairs

  • This is a home study program.  You will receive all of the above-listed class content so you can complete the class. No refunds provided. 

  • "I would definitely recommend an online class as it’s the next best thing to being at Workroom Tech".
    ~Kelly L.