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WT Online: Cornice Boards

Instructor: Laurie Medford

Cost: 100.00 without class kit or 175.00 with class kit

Classes will be held on Thursdays, 12:00 pm ET, June 13, 20 and 27, 2024


Cornice boards are a mix of sewing and construction, upholstery and design.  If you enjoy using tools and making beautiful things with fabrics, this is the class for you! 


In this study-at-home online course you will complete two cornice boards; a plain, straight bottom edge with welt cord using the pre-lined method, and a shaped bottom style with welt cord (top and bottom) that you design.   


This 3-week class includes:

  • Cornice Board Basics project kit with supplies needed to complete the class projects. You will provide fabric, wood, spray adhesive and fabric glue.  The class kit includes polyester cornice padding, welt cord, tack strip, gimp braid, graph paper and pattern paper.
  • Three 1-hour online, interactive lessons with instructor Laurie Meford, presented live and recorded to review later 
  • Written how-to instructions


Note: You will need to use a variety of tools in this class. A circular saw, jigsaw, battery powered drill and staple gun will be used to complete the class projects.  You will need general sewing tools like scissors, sewing machine, push pins, iron and rulers.


Course outline:


Lesson One

  • Selecting fabrics
  • Overview cornice board use and design
  • Figuring yardage and working with pattern repeats
  • Measuring and allowances
  • Tools and supplies
  • Cutting boards and plywood for Project 1


Lesson Two

  • Pre-linining boards
  • How to construct the basic cornice box
  • Sewing and applying welt cord
  • Step-by-step uphosltery methods   
  • Scale drawing for the next project   
  • Making a pattern                                                       
  • Cutting boards and plywood


Lesson Three

  • Cornice construction
  • Upholstery techniques
  • Sewing and applying welt cord top and bottom
  • Relief cuts 
  • Adding lining
  • Applying trims
  • Installation
  • Pricing


This is a beginner level course but a basic understanding of sewing and use of power tools is needed to complete the projects.   You will also need scissors, iron, tape measure & ruler, fabric glue, spray adhesive, push pins, 


Class fee includes free shipping in the continental U.S.

WT Online: Cornice Boards

  • This is a home study program.  You will receive all of the listed materials and supplies so you can complete the class. No refunds provided. 

  • I have taken many of the online classes and I feel as if the instructions are so clear, that I don’t need to watch my computer screen to understand, BUT of course I do!  Thank you for making the classes available online.                                                                                                  ~Marianne C.

    I’ve been sewing for 15+ years and I’ve learned almost entirely from books, tutorials, patterns, and a couple pre-recorded classes.  It was so nice to be able to have a live, real-time class.   I’m looking to turn my hobby into a business.  Having the reinforcement that I’m doing things correctly or learning that there’s a much better, more effective (prettier, efficient, etc.) way to do something is helpful. Traveling to you would be a challenge (even without COVID) so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to take courses virtually!                                                     ~Whitney K.

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