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Making Progress

We are making great progress! Classes start on August 21st, and we are well on the way to updating and furnishing Workroom Tech. Rodger painted all the walls white, which really brightened up the space, and built three 5' x 10' worktables using heavy-duty shelving units as bases. We will pad and cover the worktables with grid-printed table canvas from The Workroom Channel.

Rodger working on worktable #1!

Once the tables were built, we moved the industrial sewing machines into place. We purchased the machines from Sloan Machinery Company. Sam Sloan had great recommendations, and helped us to select the best machines for learning, and for getting the job done!

Here is a list of the Workroom Tech stable of machines:

Six Juki DDI-5550N straight stitch machines (one for each student),

Two Juki DNU-1541S walking foot machines

One Juki MO-6814S, 4-thread serger

One US Blindstitch blind hemmer that we bought used, from a local workroom.

Three worktables ready to cover.
Another view across the room.

Once the painting, lighting and construction are finished, we will unpack the machines and give them a test drive! There's a lot more equipment, tools and supplies to deliver and unpack. It will be like Christmas in July!

We were excited to have signage installed last week. There is a window sign on the back, a sign on the entrance door from the hallway inside, and our shingle under the awning on N. Trade Street.

Thanks for stopping by.

Best Wishes,


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