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Classes Have Started!

Classes have started at Workroom Tech!

Our very first class, "Introduction to Sewing Soft Furnishings" had two students; Eloise and Diana. They learned a lot and it was very exciting to share workroom methods and all the tools, materials and supplies at Workroom Tech with two aspiring workroom owners.

Eloise learning how to pattern match at the sewing machine.
Diana working on a class sample.

On the first day of class, we took a break to enjoy the solar eclipse at the town plaza.

Susan took a break on the second day while Rodger took over teaching. He showed the students how to use air compressors and staple guns. The students said that he took the fear out of using new tools, and they had a great time practicing how to staple like a pro!

We were proud to present our first class certificates at the end of class.

Thank you ladies for making our very first class so special!

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