30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 18 / Building a Worktable

Updated: May 26, 2020

On episode 18 of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech (air date June 26, 2019) host Ceil DiGuglielmo is joined by Workroom Tech owners Susan Woodcock and Rodger Walker to discuss worktable construction.

You can listen here: Building a Worktable Podcast and on itunes

A professional worktable is one of the most important tools in the workroom. It's used daily for rolling out bolts of fabric, cutting, ironing, measuring, and more.

Susan Woodcock opened the podcast by sharing how the tables at Workroom Tech were developed. "When we set up Workroom Tech two years ago, we wanted worktables that were affordable and could be easily disassembled if we ever moved to another space. So many students have asked us for details on the table construction. We recently added a new classroom and that gave us the opportunity to build another worktable and record the steps".

What Makes Workroom Tech's Tables Different

Rodger Walker joins the podcast to explain how the tables are constructed. The table base is made with shelving units. Rodger shares that this creates a lightweight construction method with less wood, that is easier to assemble. "We used heavy-duty, 5-tier, adjustable shelving units with 2' x 4' drop-in wood shelves; 6' tall, but they come apart in the middle so you can use them as two units".

You can find shelving units like this at your local home improvement store.

Steel Shelving Unit at Lowes Steel Shelving Unit at Home Depot

5-shelf steel storage unit from Home Depot
Worktable supplies: OSB plywood, shelving unit, acoustic tiles, lumber, bolts and screws, L-brackets,caster cups, canvas and padding.

Table Construction

Assemble the shelves following manufacturers instructions, creating two units; one for each end of the table. Set them apart so that they create a 4' x 8' footprint for a 10' long table, or a 4' x 7' footprint for an 8' long table (shown below). Use furniture caster cups under each upright support.

shelving units create a base for the worktable

Build the table top with OSB plywood and 2" x 4" lumber. The 2" x 4"s will create a frame, inset 2 inches from the edge. The frame is inset so that you will be able to use table clamps on all sides of the table. Be sure to allow space between the 2" x 4"s to fit around the upright supports on the shelving units. Screw the plywood to the frame and set the table top on the shelving units. (5'x8' tabletop shown below).

Use two by fours to make a fame under the table top

the table is framed by 2 x 4 lumber, inset 2 inches from the edge

The table top is set on the shelving unit base.