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30-Minutes with Workroom Tech: Episode 34 / Installation with Robin Matthews

On episode 34 of The Sew Much More Podcast: 30-Minutes with Workroom Tech, special guest Robin Matthews joins Ceil DiGuglielmo to talk about installation. Robin owns Seams Sew Right in Kinnelon, NJ and teaches "Getting Started with Window Treatment Installation" at Workroom Tech. Robin shares installation stories, and tips for successful window treatments.

You can listen to episode 34 here: Installation with Robin Matthews

Robin shared that when she started making window treatments, she didn't know she could hire someone to install, so she did it herself. She grew up learning many handy skills but admits she learned installation "the hard way".

The advantage of installing your own work is that you have more control of the end results and can problem solve on the spot.

Before she begins a window treatment, Robin already knows how she will install. Because she installs by herself, she pre-plans for an easier installation by making large window treatments in sections, using Velcro mounting methods and pre-planning bracket placement.

You never know what you will run into and time is money. Installation can take a lot of time so the more you plan ahead, the smoother the installation will be.

Ceil asked "are you ever intimidated by any of the installations"? Robin admits that two-story windows are intimidating. She admits that she doesn't do two story installations anymore and chooses to hire someone.

Procedures and processes are important and she uses the same methods over-and-over again, but every window is different. The goal is to do as much as you can before the installation, so that there are fewer holes and unknowns.

When asked "what is you favorite thing about installation", Robin said, "the hug and the check"! Her least favorite thing... "the night before".

Robin's Favorite Tips and Tools

1) Pack your tool bag the night before. Keep a list of what you need and double check to make sure everything is packed.

2) Her favorite tool is a lightweight, battery operated drill with speed control and a light and her tape measure.

3) She keeps the Rowley Company rod cutter and a hack saw, and a manual staple gun in her car to take along for all installations.

5) Robin uses hex head screws when she can, or rough drywall screws if a flush surface is needed with a magnetic drill bit.

Anyone can install if they have the will to do it. Robin hopes that the students in her classes gain confidence... "even if they are not planning to install themselves, they will know what they need to do to make the installation go better, easier, smoother, shorter... and should their installer were to cancel, they know that they can take over and complete the job".

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